Apple, Google and Ford halt product sales in Russia

Apple, Google and Ford halt product sales in Russia

As BuzzFeed News’ Jon Paczkowski noted, Apple stopped “all product sales” in Russia after it stopped exports last week. In addition to suspending product sales, Apple also stopped exports to its sales channels in Russia. After the decision is made, you will no longer be able to purchase Apple products in Russia. As the situation in Ukraine became critical, Apple decided to stop selling Apple products in Russia.

Apple, for example, stopped selling all of the company’s devices through its online store in Russia; however, its app store still exists in Russia. All Apple products in the Russian Apple Store are listed as “unavailable for purchase or delivery in this country.” Visiting Apple’s Russian online store, all products are listed as unavailable. Earlier, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov asked the company to limit its sales of goods, services and app stores in Russia. 

Apple also removed Russian state-controlled Russian media RT News and Sputnik News from the App Store outside of Russia. Apple said it had blocked app downloads for some government-backed news services outside Russia. Apple said it was “deeply concerned about the war in Ukraine” and announced a suspension of sales in Russia and other measures, including restrictions on Apple Pay and the ability to download RT news outside Russia. Apple announced Tuesday that it will stop selling all of its products in Russia, where users around the world will no longer be able to download government news RT News and Sputnik News from its app store in the wake of the pandemic. Moscow invades Ukraine Ukraine. 

Apple Inc said on Tuesday that it had suspended the sale of all its products in Russia in solidarity with the Ukrainian people following Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine from Moscow. RT News and Sputnik News are no longer available for download on their app stores outside of Russia, Apple Inc said it has also disabled both traffic and live incidents on its maps in Ukraine as a safety and precautionary measure for the Ukrainian people. Apple has said that Apple has stopped sales of the iPhone and other products in Russia, Alphabet Incs Google has removed Russian state-owned publishers from Google’s information, Ford Motor has told Russian manufacturing partner Ford that it is suspending operations in Russia, and Harley-Davidson Inc has suspended operations and deliveries. Apart from the decision, other major brands including Harley-Davidson, Ford and even Google, Harley-Davidson Ford, even Google stopped selling other major brands including Harley-Davidson products in the country on Tuesday, March 1st. 

Major U.S. brands including Apple, Google, Ford and Harley-Davidson on Tuesday suspended sales and pulled out of Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine, joining a growing number of companies ranging from charger makers to automakers and energy companies to leave the country. .From Boeing, Apple, Google and ExxonMobil to Ford and Harley-Davidson, dozens of well-known American companies such as Boeing, Apple, Google, ExxonMobil, Ford and more have joined the list of Western brands that are either going out of business or announcing them. Dozens of U.S. companies are planned to be phased out. Russia’s most famous incursion into Ukraine Ukraine has been under pressure from investors and consumers who have condemned the violence. Apple has suspended all sales, Disney has stopped releasing all movies, and Harley-Davidson has stopped shipping bicycles to Russia in response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Dapeng Airlines has suspended non-essential supplies to Russia, joining a growing number of companies shunning Russia due to sanctions over the Ukraine war. Ukrainian war.    

The West has imposed severe restrictions on Russia to shut the Russian economy off from the global financial system, prompting companies to cut sales, sever ties and withdraw tens of billions of dollars in investments. Sanctions against Russia hit the ruble and forced the central bank to raise interest rates, while Russia responded to a growing outflow of Western investors by temporarily limiting overseas sales of Russian assets. To stop the stampede, Moscow said on Tuesday it would temporarily block sales of Russian assets to foreign investors, but energy companies BP and Royal Dutch Shell have already decided to pull out of their operations in Russia, while major banks, airlines, automakers and others cut supplies and terminate the partnership. 

Tech companies, including Google’s Alphabet Incs, have banned Russian state-owned publishers from publishing their news, while Ford Motor, which has three joint ventures in Russia, told Ford’s Russian manufacturing partner that it was suspending operations in Russia. FORD MOTOR COMPANY – On Tuesday, Ford Motor Company announced the immediate termination of operations in Russia. The invasion of Ukraine forced Ford to reconsider its operations in Russia, a Ford spokesman said, adding to a statement from the global automaker a few days ago.    

Apple has stopped selling iPhones and other products in Russia, the U.S. tech giant said on Tuesday, adding that it was making changes to its Maps app to protect civilians in Ukraine. Apple Mail disrupted product sales in Russia, increasing pressure from shippers and automakers. She first appeared in Jammu and Kashmir during Ukrainian invasion Latest News | Travel | J&K Latest News U.S. restricts exports of technological equipment including computers, sensors, lasers, navigation instruments, telecommunications, aerospace and marine equipment, prompting Dell A number of tech companies, including tech companies, have suspended sales to many tech companies in Russia.